MH+Enerlogics works with electric utilities, developers, and commercial facilities to advise, design, co-develop, and manage power generation systems.

MH+Enerlogics provides services for development of energy projects, ranging from: traditional electricity generation and cogeneration plants to renewable energy systems including solar, wind, hydropower, and offshore wind. Capitalizing on background in development, finance, engineering, operations and legal, our team is uniquely positioned to enable projects to move from concept to development to operations.

MH+Enerlogics is focused on creating value for its clients in the rapidly changing energy market by bringing to bear appropriate executive, management and financial experience. MH+Enerlogics builds value for its clients efficiently dispatching its resources to address key elements of the project by bringing together engineers, equipment, contractors, debt and equity to execute efficiently and successfully.


Leadership from Experience and Expertise

MH+Enerlogics’ leadership is a team of experienced, industry veterans and their expansive skill set. The team follows a rigorous process under a highly structured plan, with the capability to address, in house, all of the technical, legal and financial implications of energy projects. Our process is designed to mitigate risk while maximizing the benefits of energy development projects.

The MH+Enerlogics team has the collective skills to handle all of the financial, legal, permitting issues, interconnection and engineering demands of the any larger-scale energy development project. The leadership team’s experiences include services for large industrial companies, large commercial facilities, and utility clients as developer’s consultants and providers of energy solutions.