The cost of electricity is accelerating upward—this is the result of decommissioned coal and nuclear plants, rising natural gas prices and the uncertain future of coal due to aggressive long term federal efforts on coal emissions.  The cost differential between renewable energy and fossil fuels is narrowing dramatically and the ability to fix the price of an institution’s electricity with a renewable energy installation of renewable is increasingly attractive.

Facilities such as universities and academic institutions, commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, and healthcare should increasingly consider installations of onsite power generation using technologies including:

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  • Solar Photovoltaics: Utilizing the power of the sun in roof- or ground-mounted installations that provide renewable energy for a facility during daylight hours.
  • Wind Turbines: Harnessing the energy of wind with one or more wind turbines to provide renewable energy for a facility during all hours of a day.
  • Cogeneration / CHP: Utilizing clean natural gas to produce both power and steam/heat for a facility’s electric and heat needs.


MH+Enerlogics has direct experience in installations of these technologies. By leveraging our background, we can assist you with quick analysis of feasible implementations, helping you to save time and money.